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Portrait by Sean Hazen


Ben Medansky is an orchestrator of controlled chaos, a sculptor of hard edges in naturalistic worlds, a refiner of industrial aesthetics that retain rough and human qualities. 

The varied environments of Arizona, Chicago and Los Angeles - both natural and manmade - are the foundation to Ben’s creative inspiration. He is especially influenced by Brutalist and Modern architecture and industrial design; specifically by the strong and diverse architecture of downtown LA and it's seemingly uninterrupted construction. Ben is also drawn to themes and motifs of technology and space exploration and the industrial aesthetics they employ. Much of this work explores variations on radial symmetry and grids while utilizing a limited color palette. It is an appropriation of aesthetics employed by the mechanical world; an experiment in mimicking strong forms out of a fragile material. The output is a meditation on minimalism and mechanics, re-mastered in earthen and eternal material.



The Landing Gallery

July 14 - August 25, 2018

A group exhibition that finds pleasure and meaning in materiality.

"Stacks" a monumental whole made up of many parts—that utilizes repeated forms from base to top. Historically, totems have had a symbolic dimension to them; this abstract work, without inherent symbology, instead draws attention to the intricacy of its craftsmanship—it was made by hand, and reflects the artist’s careful, measured approach."


The Ashtray Show

Fisher Parrish

June 22 – September 9, 2018

The AshtrayShow celebrates another seemingly obsolete object from the mid-century-modern deskscape – now perhaps made relevant again by the legalization of marijuana. Smoking is back envogue and we can all finally start accessorizing again!

Making It Work: Production by Design

The American Museum of Ceramic Art

April 7, 2018 – September 16, 2018


MELTING POINT: Movements in Contemporary Clay

Craft & Folk Art Museum

January 28 - May 6, 2018

“Stories” Terracotta - Medansky has always been drawn to the aesthetics and themes of technology and media. In stories, he explores the ramifications of social media on communication and community building. To create the piece, Medansky projected communication threads from his social media platforms onto wet clay slabs and inscribed them into the clay. He repeated this process until the layers of words and images became indistinguishable, Then fired the slabs and stained them with blue underglaze. Arranged as a religious triptych, he is referencing early forms of record keeping that incised marks into clay tablets, as well as storytelling through religious iconography. The works format also shows the similarities between the intense devotion of social media followers and followers of religion. The use of blue is to seduce an audience and gain their attention, as well as representing the blue screen we construct our fantasies upon.