Every piece made in our studio is wheel thrown or hand built; never slip casted or mass produced from a mold.

Individually hand-crafted and fired in electric kilns, each piece comes to life with its own unique personality and character. All of our work is as special as each and every one of you.


Ben Medansky Studio is located in the dynamic warehouse district of downtown Los Angeles. The neighborhood is home to an eclectic community of creative studios and traditional warehouses, culminating in a diverse and vibrant environment.

The 3,000 sq foot space serves two functions. As you step inside, you'll enter the gallery which showcases Ben's extensive and distinct body of work. The back of the studio houses all aspects of production and fabrication. It's here where we meticulously hand craft, fire, glaze and pack every thing we make. 

At BM Studio we’re most happy in an upbeat yet tranquil atmosphere where our productivity and creativity can flourish. We nurture our good vibes through morning meditation sessions and stretching exercises. We nourish our ears and minds with an uninterrupted stream of our favorite music and enlightening podcasts. Appropriating many aspects of Tom Sachs' 10 Bullets, we aim to maintain a healthy balance of expert craftsmanship, hard work, sense of humor, and a playful spirit.

If you're interested in stopping by for a studio visit, we'd love to have you! Email us at to make an appointment.