uniquely handcrafted with simple form, practical design, 
and eternal materials to bring enjoyment and insight into the daily rituals of our living environments.

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Ben Medansky was born under the blue skies of Scottsdale, Arizona. He left his desert paradise to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but the West was never far from his mind. After working for Peter Shire, Kelly Lamb, Anthony Pearson, Shio Kusaka, the Haas Brothers and a few other visionaries, Ben realized that his own visions were beckoning to be realized.

In the Summer of 2012, Ben Medansky Ceramics was created. Since then, Ben has blazed his own version of the California dream while staying true to the roots of his medium. His ceramics practice is simple: a few pounds of clay, an extruder, a wheel, basic tools, an ambitious team, experiments in glaze, and a vision for each individual object. From this simple practice, Ben creates sought after functional wares and objets d’art that are minimalist meditations informed by architectural structures and industrial processes.

With a studio in downtown Los Angeles, a hilly Silverlake retreat, the world's cutest Basenji (named Banjee-Girl), a growing team and ideas as boundless as the California sun, the dream is alive, well and captured in clay.

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Los Angeles, CA 2014