uniquely handcrafted with simple form, practical design, 
and eternal materials to bring enjoyment and insight into the daily rituals of our living environments.

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Ben Medansky is an orchestrator of controlled chaos, a sculptor of hard edges in naturalistic worlds, a refiner of industrial aesthetics that retain rough and human qualities. Ben Medansky is a ceramicist.  

Ben’s desire to make forms was forged by the bright blue skies and  soaring mineral formations of his home state, Arizona and informed by his studies at his alma mater, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  It was then honed through his work in the LA studios of Peter Shire, Anthony Pierson, Shio Kusaka and the Haas Brothers.  The inspiration for Ben’s work is a culmination of his experience in these three landscapes, particularly Los Angeles, with it’s current reconstruction and varied architectural styles.  In the Summer of 2012, Ben, only 24 years old at the time, created Ben Medansky Ceramics in a small Los Angeles Studio.  The output: a meditation on minimalism, on the handmade and manmade, on mechanics re-mastered in earthen and eternal material.

Ben Medansky believes in the purity of his process: manipulating extrusions and the timeless performance of wheel-throwing.  This practice cultivates a preciousness, one that is to be enjoyed with careless abandon, and a timelessness.  Clay becomes cup, clay becomes sculpture and both become the history of the future.   

Ben Medansky Ceramics are collected worldwide and include Sculptural Objects, limited run daily wares and Instruments of Peace.  All work is designed, crafted by hand and shipped from one airy workshop in downtown Los Angeles.

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